1/13 Note

Dear Metropolitan Symphony Musicians,

Thank you for your focus and highly engaged participation in our split rehearsal on Monday. We felt like we were able to dig into many of the musical and technical issues for the individual instrument groups to put our rehearsal time to best use. We hope you also learned a lot and understand what your own next steps are to bring this music to life at our performances on February 24 and 27.

Just a reminder: we have only five remaining rehearsals, plus the dress rehearsal on Feb. 26. (We do not have MYSO on MLK day next week Monday, January 17.)

It is critically important that you reinforce what you have learned so far. There will not be rehearsal time for back-tracking and review. In most instances, our work together has revealed the challenging passages, and we have suggested ways for you to improve. But the majority of that work will have to happen individually. Our upcoming rehearsals will be more and more focused on the needs of the orchestra, not individual spots. It is just the way the rehearsal process evolves as performance dates get closer.

So keep up your good work and do your absolute best to continue to grow and be a responsible and fully contributing member of Met. This is a very strong orchestra, and you are an important part of it!

We will see you on January 24th for our ninth rehearsal in this cycle. Enjoy your long weekend!

Mr. John Emanuelson (johnemanuelson@myso.org)

Mr. Jonathan Winkle (winkle@uwm.edu)

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