10/5 Note

Dear Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra Members,

Thank you for another well-attended and productive rehearsal this week. Many of the ‘problem’ spots have clearly improved, thanks to your work last week in sectionals, and your individual attention outside our time together.  

Looking ahead, your ongoing practice, listening, and preparation is essential in the final weeks. Believe it or not, there are only two regular rehearsals remaining, plus a Wednesday, October 20 dress rehearsal, before our concert on Sunday, October 24! We are really looking forward to that push and all of the musical growth that typically happens towards the end of a MYSO concert cycle. It sure would be wonderful if that process happens this week instead of later. Your work WILL make a big difference to our amazing orchestra and our performance goals!

A reminder about the Dress Rehearsal: Wednesday, October 20, 4:15 – 6:30 pm. Is this on your family calendar? Please note that this is a different day and time than our regular rehearsals. Have you checked in with your coach, your boss, your team, or the other people in your life who are also counting on you? Your presence at our Dress Rehearsal is vital in creating the best possible Met performance a few days later!

A word about the new Empire insert. Mr. E may not have been clear about this in the final moments of rehearsal Monday. This new insert comes immediately after the Imperial March insert. You play from one insert directly to the next. You might even use tape and scissors to consolidate these two sheets before next rehearsal, so it fits on your music stand better. Then, at the end of the new insert, you go directly to Rehearsal L (trumpets, to Rehearsal M), and play to the end of the Suite. Thank you for taking a moment to prepare your sheet music with markings and clarifying edits before the next rehearsal so this makes sense and physically works for you.

Please ask your family to consider supporting the fundraising aspect of the “Play Your Part” concert. Remember, this first performance is also a benefit concert to support the entire MYSO organization. The funds we raise help make MYSO a special opportunity for music making and learning. As of last night, only seven Met families have participated. We would love to bring your family on board if you are not one of our ‘pin’ recipients already.

Have a great week! See you at 6:20 pm next Monday.

Mr. John Emanuelson jemanuelson@mtsd.k12.wi.us

Mr. Jon Winkle winkle@uwm.edu

Music Directors

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