12/8 Note

Dear Metropolitan Symphony Musicians,

We had another strong and productive rehearsal Monday night. In Mr. Winkle’s absence, I enjoyed working with you on the Shostakovich and Beach, and hope we were able to clarify a few issues in those works, as well as in Capriccio Italian. I could clearly tell that you learned in your sectionals from the previous week. But…sectionals are not “magic!” In most cases, your clinicians helped you on some of the toughest spots, but true mastery of these passages will require ongoing individual work. Chances are, if your sectional expert targeted a passage, you will need to follow up on your own until you truly have this in your fingers and ear. Keep on working!

Strings, be sure you have that bowing change marked in your parts that we made in the Beach symphony at P–all 8th notes begin UP bow, not down bow. This happens EACH TIME you play this music–before A, and also at K.

We also made a bowing change in the Shostakovich (excluding basses) at rehearsal 21. If you were absent or not diligent in marking your music, be sure this is also in your part by the end of break next week.

For all instruments, sound production continues to be a priority. Your tone is a super important part in creating our “Met Sound!” You can expand and project your tone each and every time you play your instrument–in school band and orchestra rehearsals, with your private teacher’s help, and, of course, when you practice individually. You should love your sound! This is what creates all of the music, of course. So, think about what YOU can do to grow in this critically important aspect of your musicianship.

Have a great week. Mr. Winkle will be back next time, so let’s be sure he can tell we dug into his pieces Monday night, at sectionals, and on your own.

Mr. John Emanuelson (johnemanuelson@myso.org)

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