2/9 Note

Dear Metropolitan Symphony Musicians,

We have one remaining rehearsal before our special week of performances and extra time together. Deadlines focus our minds and help us achieve our goals and potential. It is why so many world records are set at the Olympics. We do our best when it matters the most!

We KNOW you care about your responsibilities in this process! You show us this each week with your engagement and growth. So, now it is time to see what you will need to do outside of rehearsal–our Monday ‘practice’ time is virtually at an end, and we need to shift over to rehearsing and practice performance work.

But it is not too late for YOU to do that individual work on your own. In fact, it is the best time to do this in home practice. You know what you are trying to do with this music. You know the hard spots and how to get these under your fingers. Your individual work will have a huge impact now in these final weeks.

Be sure you are set with the Community Concert schedule on Thursday, February 24. We also have a dress rehearsal at MYAC on Saturday, February 26 (10 am – 12 noon) and our final warm-up rehearsal at the Marcus Center on Sunday, February 27 at 11 am.

Watch for more info from the MYSO office about concert attire, permission forms, and other details.

This coming Monday, we will be joined by more side-by-side guest coaches, including some violinists, a woodwind musician, and another brass expert. We look forward to seeing and hearing you next week!

Mr. John Emanuelson (johnemanuelson@myso.org)

Mr. Jonathan Winkle (winkle@uwm.edu)


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