3/9 Note

Dear Metropolitan Symphony Musicians,

Great sightreading this week! The final leg of our journey together through the 2021-22 season is underway! We hope you have a good feeling about the fantastic music we will be studying leading up to our performance on May 21.

As we discussed, it is a significantly shorter rehearsal series–just eight more Mondays, compared to 13 earlier this winter. You know what needs to happen now–PLEASE LISTEN to our repertoire with your sheet music in front of you. Knowing how it ‘goes’ will solve so many problems and make our rehearsals much more productive (and enjoyable) sooner. Here are links:

Here is a link to the PDF of the green Met calendar sheet we distributed in rehearsal. If you were absent, be sure to arrive early next week to pick up your music.

Violins: it is time to get started on that special Bruch excerpt we shared with you on the enlarged sheet. We will not have rehearsal time for you to practice this Monday nights, and it is unlikely you will learn it without individual practice at home. The fingerings provided are a good starting point. Your YouTube link is due April 8 – in a month. We look forward to hearing this passage come together because of your individual work.

Have a great week! We know you will sound much better on Monday because of the preparation you do between now and then.

Mr. John Emanuelson (johnemanuelson@myso.org)
Mr. Jonathan Winkle (winkle@uwm.edu)

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