My Thanks, Monday’s Schedule, & Your Assignments

Dear Senior Symphony,

Thank you very much for all you have done thus far as we move together into the new season.  You are an incredible group of both impressive and good people—who also play your instruments with great skill and heart.

Students like you have played in the orchestra since its inception in 1956, and the start of each year is something to celebrate, and in which we can feel a sense of joy, anticipation, and accomplishment. Our orchestra is a gift we give to eachother and to the community–all made possible through your talent, preparation, good spirit, energy, and the care you give to each other.

On your behalf I have already received wonderful praise from those in attendance at last night’s Welcome Concert.  Wind Ensemble students were inspired by your leadership and performance, and musicians’ parents shared their great admiration of you as I was leaving last night.  Bravi tutti!  I look forward to seeing you again on Monday when we have the opportunity to make the String Orchestras feel just as welcome. Please continue reading to the bottom of this note for more important information.


Monday, September 12

  • 5:20 – Report
  • 5:30-6:30 pm – Full Orchestra Rehearsal
    • 5:30 pm –  Tune and Announcements
    • 5:35 pm – Peer Gynt
        • III. Peer Gynt’s Homeward Journey
        • IV. Solvieg’s Song
    • 6:00 pm – Review of Welcome Concert Material
    • 6:40 pm – String Musicians go escort String Orchestra kids to upstairs
    • 6:45-7:00 pm – Welcome Concert
    • 7:00 – 7:30 pm – Break
    • 7:30-8:45 pm      Scheherazade
        • IV. The Festival at Bagdad; The Sea; The Ship Goes to Pieces on a Rock


If you have not already received your assignments in rehearsal, please review and download them now from the Members Page.  Assignments have been made through the November 19 fall concert, “Voyages.” There were many very impressive auditions and it was truly wonderful to hear each of you and also, albeit briefly, to visit with each of you. You will notice that there is rotation between sections, within section leadership, and among those who have the responsibility to perform Principal and Concertmaster positions. This is a complex design, but I believe it will serve you and the orchestra very well. I am happy to discuss with you as questions or concerns come up.

Start to prepare your music now, please. You can find music, assignments, and sample recordings on the Senior Symphony Ensemble Member Page at .  Remember to scroll down a bit to see all that’s listed-there’s a bunch!

Access it by logging in with:

Username: mysomember

Password: myso2223

Deepest thanks to the orchestra members who put themselves forward volunteering and preparing for leadership roles in the orchestra.  After interviewing with each of them, these students have agreed to serve the orchestra by organizing, communicating with, and helping to prepare their sections this season. More about all that next week. I am very grateful to each of them.

By section in Alphabetical order:


  • Sofia Castanho-Bollinger
  • Ethan Chen
  • Christianna Ebel
  • Caleb Endres
  • Cecilia Koth
  • Richard Nickel
  • Arisa Okamoto
  • Clark Snavely
  • Henry Snavely
  • Jasmine Storck
  • Jayanth Suthan


  • Vivian Cucu
  • Katelynn Lesinski
  • Sonya Wilhelm


  • Nolan Boerner
  • Gunnar Conine
  • Nathan Hansen
  • Gabrielle Peck
  • Noor Salameh


  • Katya Imas
  • Isabella McGinley


  • Shreya Girish
  • Lydia Morency
  • Lilly Beane
  • Kaitlyn Yang


  • Grace O’Connell
  • Josie Sagan


  • Daniel Grady

In closing, I feel very honored to have the opportunity to work with each of you, and I have truly enjoyed getting to know you a bit better over the past weeks. I also recognize that you and your family have given years of support, resources, and time to your musical training, and I am very grateful to you, your parents, and to your school and private instructors. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and wish you good health and happiness now and throughout the season.

Yours sincerely,