Notes, Look Ahead, and Sunday’s String Rehearsal

Good Afternoon, Senior Symphony!

Band kids playing at State this weekend…good luck, best wishes and have fun!

Strings, I look forward to spending some time with you on Sunday at 1pm. : )

Three things:

  1. Attendance- really need to have everyone in rehearsal going forward, please. Take a look at the schedule below.  There are a couple Sundays, a Wednesday, and a couple Friday’s and Saturday, too coming right up…be sure you are available for everything we’ve planned, OK?  You need to work over/practice the tricky material before Monday and I want you to be sure to listen to the music…the links are below, too. Keep this in your mind and muscles.
  2. Except for this Sunday the 17th, I think we’ll be in Full Orchestra probably through the concerts…we’ll see.
  3. Please invite friends and family, and others you know to our concerts and also to donate to MYSO through the Play Your Part fund drive. Please personalize the page that was just resent to you and please send a note out to a few folks. It’s vital that you do your part in meeting the $150 minimum, please—and of course there are many incentives for those of you who can help more.  All of us are ENORMOUSLY grateful for the time you and your family devote to this campaign.  The pandemic has been pretty hard on MYSO, and you can really help right now.  Thank you!



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