PLEASE REVIEW: Hello, Senior Symphony! Dates!

Good Afternoon, Senior Symphony!

I hope that you are having a really nice week!  I will be writing to you a little more often now about various topics, and today I wanted to share what I know of our rehearsal calendar for the entire 2021-2022 season. Yes! It’s attached and listed below— you will receive this again in the coming days, probably in a little different format, and eventually, dates will be on the website, too. Please integrate all dates into your personal and family calendars as soon as possible.  Please let Orchestra Manager Lisa Werner and me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Still-to-schedule is the Erika Z. Richman Reading Workshop with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, but other than that, I think the dates below reflect most everything for the orchestra. In the coming weeks, Brass and Percussion sections will also receive some additional information about special performances by those sections.  Also, I will send an invitation to join the Chamber Orchestra soon with that orchestra’s dates. I wanted to share the Senior Symphony schedule with you today as we start rehearsing on August 26th for the Welcome Concerts we’ll perform for the younger MYSO students.

By now, you should have already reviewed and listened to the year’s repertoire. I am attaching it again here to be sure you have it. It is not simple music, so please be working on your skills and stamina in daily practice, and please start committing this music to your ears, mind, and heart.

Next, we plan to make the music for both the September 9 and 13 Welcome Concerts and October 24, Play Your Part Performances in the coming days. You are expected to know the music before rehearsals begin August 26th. I ask this, first, because you can do it, and because we have a very busy fall with some other difficult music which is still to come.  Let’s learn what we can right now.

Note– as the Welcome Concert rehearsals occur before all the auditions are completed, I have to assign parts for the orchestra using information I have from your spring auditions or last season. I will update your assignments based on your upcoming seating audition for the October 24 Play Your Part concert, November 6 Founders Concert and beyond.

How’s it going with your audition preparation?  If you have questions or concerns, please contact me!

OK, that’s it for today.  I think about you every day, and I wish each of you a wonderful evening, wherever you may be.


Carter Simmons, Music Director

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