As I head out to NC…Odds & Ends, Reminders

Dear Senior Symphony,

Happy Friday!  Hope you are doing well on this beautiful day.  We deserve it!

It’s been a pretty solid week at MYSO as we continue to prepare for the return to MYAC with auditions and rehearsals!  The building project is getting closer to finishing, and the MYSO offices should be back in place soon, too—we’ve been displaced across the street for a while now. It was also truly wonderful to hear the orchestra’s brass section this week who came in for some instruction and to start playing together. What a wonderful section we have in this orchestra!

So, Mrs. Simmons and I are taking my daughter back to college this next week! We’re headed to Duke, and on the way, I get to visit my parents for the first time in over a year–we can’t wait—and I get to eat barbecue at a great place in Greensboro named Stamey’s. It’s actually the best ever. You won’t be hearing from me next week, but I want to wish you continued success on getting ready for school and also for MYSO.  I can’t wait to hear you and visit a tiny bit, too. Things to remember:

  • Completely learn the Welcome Concert(s) music which we’ll start rehearsing on August 26,  4:30 pm. Also, please add the season dates into your personal and family calendars.  Let’s discover all those little surprise conflicts now.  : )
  • You can find music, assignments, and sample recordings on the Senior Symphony Ensemble Member Page at  Remember to scroll down a bit to see all that’s there; there’s a bunch!

Access it by logging in with: Username: mysomember   Password: myso2122

  • If you wish to serve as a Concertmaster, Principal, or Section Leader as described in my email to you, I would like to hear from you by next Wednesday, August 18.  All the information is in my note and on the Member page.
  • Last, about auditions with me and the newly revised protocols. As outlined in MYAC’s protocols, everyone has to mask in the commons, hallways, and restrooms. Please know that when you enter the audition room with me, I am perfectly fine with any of you not wearing a mask during your audition with me. You will need to have your mask on when you leave the room.
  • Reminder that auditions will consist of 5 components in this order:
    1. Brief greeting to one another
    2. Solo. 2-3 minutes. Your choice should demonstrate your best knowledge, abilities, and strengths.
    3. Berlioz with metronome. You will be asked for passages from the 5th Mvt.
    4. Scales. You will be asked to play at least 2 scales in any key, major or minor. Perform them as you have been instructed by your private teacher.
      • Some of you have been wondering what this means–I will choose what scales I ask you.  You should perform the scales in the manner/style in which your teacher has you play scales (slurred, tongued, in groups of 4, separate, with or without vibrato, etc…)
      • Note: This is really not the most important part of our audition experience, so I will be pretty open-minded about what you have prepared and have been working on.  Don’t stress about this.  All that said, please learn your scales, Senior Symphony. : ) 
    5. Short conversation about what we are looking forward to this season!

Ok, I think we are all set up for success!

If you need something while I am gone, please consider contacting Dan Duffy, Artistic Administrator, at or 414-267-2646.  He should be able to point you in the right direction.

Carter Simmons, Music Director

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