Part Assignments for Senior Symphony Welcome Concerts

Dear Senior Symphony Musicians,

Hello! I hope you are each having a great week!

As I indicated in my note last Thursday, music and part assignments for the September 9 &13 Welcome Concerts are available to you to review and prepare. Music for the October 24 Play Your Part concert is also available.

Please visit the Senior Symphony Ensemble Member Page at to find everything you need right now. Access it by logging in with:

Username: mysomember               Password: myso2122

If you have questions, please let me know so I can get you an answer!

Remember, please, you are expected to know the music before rehearsals begin on August 26. We have a very busy fall with much more difficult music still-to-come. Let’s learn what we can right now.

Another reminder…as the Welcome Concert rehearsals occur before all the auditions are completed, I have to assign parts for the orchestra using information I have from your spring auditions or last season. I will update your assignments based on your upcoming seating audition for the October 24 Play Your Part concert, November 6 Founders Concert, and beyond.

Thanks for giving this your energy and attention, everyone. I look forward to seeing you later this month!

Very best,

Carter Simmons

Senior Symphony Music Director

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