Domingo Pasillas-Velazquez

Domingo Pasillas-Velazquez

Position: Prelude & Progressions Orchestra Coach
Categories: Orchestral & Musical Studies, Progressions & MYSO Scholars

Domingo Pasillas-Velazquez serves as coach for MYSO’s beginning strings programs, Progressions and Prelude Orchestra. A 2018 graduate, he was a part of MYSO for four years, playing in Philharmonia, Metropolitan Symphony, and Chamber Orchestra. Currently, Domingo is pursuing a degree in violin performance from the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin. He has enjoyed the privilege of studying under many wonderful teachers including Bernard Zinck, Diane Duraffourg-Robinson, Yuri Anisimov, and Lyda Osinga.

Having a great passion for teaching, Domingo was an student mentor for three years in the Progressions program during his time in MYSO. He continues to teach privately, and enjoys working with the Progressions, Prelude, and String Orchestra musicians of all ages, instilling fundamentals and technical foundations, but most importantly a passion and love for making music.


Prelude Orchestra

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