We are in third place!

Good day, Wind Ensemble,

Play Your Part Fundraising

Congratulations! We are in third place for ensemble¬†participation for the Play Your Part¬†fundraising! Keep up that work–let’s see if we can hit and hold on to number one! We need everyone to help out!

Upcoming Rehearsal & Outside Practice

We had a great rehearsal last week and accomplished so much. Let’s keep that going this week. On Thursday, we will have our percussion and flute coaches joining us.

A reminder to continue listening to our pieces with your parts in hand to help build your confidence and sound field for our concert.

Lastly, be sure to take your MYSO music notation to your private lessons and ask for help with your ensemble parts.

All of these individual efforts will strengthen us as an ensemble! I look forward to more music as we prepare for our first concert!

Mr. Hacker, Music Director

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