Thankful for all of you!

Hello, Wind Ensemble!

Thank you for the warm welcome back that you gave me last night. Music is a powerful phenomenon, and I am genuinely thankful for all of you and your music supporters. Please take some time this week to thank those who allow you the opportunity to study and perform music.

Please make sure to look over your pieces during the break this week and bring them back ready to perform for our next rehearsal. I have included links to recordings for the pieces that are in your folders. Please pay specific attention to the tempo markings and articulations and note and rhythm accuracy. You can use your metronomes to help with these. There are many free metronome apps out in the world, and I highly encourage you to become familiar with at least one. If you need a web-based metronome, type “metronome” into Google, and you will be able to find a free one easily. Follow along with your parts when you listen to the recordings and determine how your parts fit into the ensemble.

Here are your reference recordings for our repertoire:

Have a great break, cherish your family and friends, and practice diligently so we can return stronger than ever. Our hard work yielded high dividends at the Play Your Part performance, and I am beyond excited for the time we have working towards the next concert!

With sincere gratitude and goodwill,

Mr. Hacker, Music Director

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