Rehearsal Notes

Greetings, MYSO Wind Ensemble Members!

I hope you enjoyed last night’s performance by the Senior Symphony and meeting some of those exceptionally fine players who joined us at our first rehearsal. It was an electric and energizing evening! Thank you for being so focused and for your hard work in sightreading our music. We were able to accomplish a lot in a short time.

I have a few notes to share with you from last night.

First, in addition to your daily practice on your parts, I encourage you to take your MYSO music to your private lesson teacher and ask for assistance in preparing for our next rehearsal. If you are not yet connected with a private lesson teacher, please contact the MYSO office or me for recommendations. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a private lesson teacher to help you grow musically.

Second, please make sure you bring your music notation, folder, instrument, and supplies to each rehearsal. In your folder you should also include multiple pencils so that you can annotate your parts during rehearsal. When you arrive on Thursday, please make sure to tune your own instrument on your tuner individually before we begin, after you warm up a bit. Section leaders, please go through your sections before rehearsal, and check each section member’s tuning, and help them adjust appropriately.

Third, listen to the recordings below to ensure you are prepared for your part in addition to being aware of what is happening around you in other sections:

Take care, practice hard, and have a wonderful week!


Mr. Hacker, Music Director

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