Alumni Play On: Anna Peterson, 2003

Anna Petersen has held the position of second oboist and English horn player of the national orchestra of Canada, the National Arts Centre Orchestra, since 2013. She has also performed and soloed with many symphony orchestras and has taught at many universities and colleges.

Anna played oboe in MYSO from 1997-2003. She looks back on her time in MYSO as incredibly valuable for her career. She was given the opportunity to perform huge repertoire, to work with inspiring conductors, to be a soloist, and to work alongside the musicians of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. “I realize more and more how lucky I was to have such a thorough training that set me up for music school and for life as a professional musician.”

Because of her experience and unwavering support from the entire MYSO family, Anna developed the confidence to pursue a life as a classical musician. “I am so grateful for every opportunity I was given and couldn’t imagine a better foundation on which to build not only my career, but ultimately, my whole life.”

Speaking to her career in music: “I am continuously amazed at how small the music world is, and how everyone knows everyone. I love that I keep reconnecting with people from all parts of my musical life, including MYSO, and how it feels like a huge network of support. It’s one of the most beautiful parts of our industry.”

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