Community Partnership Programs

Using music to connect the Milwaukee community

music builds a community

Our community’s need for youth music education — for the essential life skills that it develops in students — has never been greater.

Many students don’t have music programs in their schools because of budget constraints. And they can’t afford private programs. They rely on us for experience that fosters socialization, teamwork, empathy, leadership, and resilience.

MYSO responds with Community Partnership Programs – which target students from Milwaukee, students of color, and students who otherwise lack access to music education because of financial and other barriers.

The programs offer youths financial aid that can support 90% of their membership fees and services such as instruments, lessons, and transportation.

Community Partnership Programs – marking their 20th anniversary in 2023 – provide education in various musical genres, including strings, jazz, steel-pans, and bucket-drumming.

We also reach students in need by offering 25 concerts that 5,000 schoolchildren attend — for free — each year.

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