Alumni Play On: Philip Dizack, 2001

Jazz trumpeter Philip Dizack is a big part of the creative jazz scene in New York City, making his living touring and recording as a professional jazz musician.

Philip played trumpet in MYSO from 1998-2001. Being immersed in music at MYSO provided him opportunities to develop and grow as a musician. “MYSO gave me a place to fall in love deeply with discovering music for myself.” The most important thing that Philip gained was support and direction. Professor Tom Dvorak was encouraging and helped him discover his passion for music.

Philip revels in living out his passions, but it’s not always easy. “It’s inspiring and very hard work, but at the end of the day, I attempt to connect with the deepest part of myself to find joy and a provide a richness in life for myself and others that might otherwise be missed.”

Philip’s most memorable experiences as a professional have occurred when he’s been so in-the-moment while playing that time stops. “When inspiration flows through and touches on every aspect of life, it’s quite breathtaking.”

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