Alumni Play On: Tim Klabunde, 1975

Tim Klabunde is assistant principal second violinist with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (MSO) and has worked with the orchestra for nearly forty years. Previously, he performed with the Prometheus Trio at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, and also taught violin at Cardinal Stritch University.

Tim played violin in Music For Youth (MFY) from 1972-1975 under the direction of Bernard Stepner and Bernard Rubenstein. He felt his orchestra at Washington High School in Milwaukee was pretty good, but it did not have full instrumentation. MFY gave him the opportunity to play original orchestral scores with all the parts covered. “It was great to be with other students who practiced with serious effort. We motivated each other, and the concerts were inspiring.”

Through MFY’s chamber music rehearsals and concerts coached by Dr. Abram Loft of the Fine Arts Quartet, Tim was inspired to pursue music as a profession.

“I feel very fortunate to work with the incredibly talented people of the MSO. Their musicianship and technical skill keeps me energized. I work to match their excellence and professionalism every day.”

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