Welcome to Chamber Flute Ensemble

Hello, Chamber Flute Ensemble Musicians!

I am absolutely thrilled to welcome you to a season of music-making with the Chamber Flute Ensemble. Each of you has distinguished yourself to be placed in this ensemble, and you should be proud of your hard work. For returning musicians, I look forward to another year of growth and community building. To all new students, I am super excited to share the wonderful world of flute choir with you. We have the opportunity to play beautiful music together and have fun while doing so.

*NEW THIS YEAR* In an effort to provide an option for student voices when choosing repertoire, I want to invite you to share any flute choir pieces you might be interested in playing this year with me over the summer. I can’t guarantee we will play your selection as there are many factors that go into repertoire selection, but I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions.

Once again, welcome (or welcome back) to the MYSO Flute Ensemble family. I look forward to seeing all of you in the fall!

Sabrina Raber

Chamber Flute Ensemble Music Director

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