Hear Zack Solo w/Chamber Orch Concert Tonight

Hello, Chamber Flute Ensemble Musicians!

In my excitement leading rehearsal this past Monday, I forgot to invite you all to a very special concert TONIGHT. Chamber Flute Ensemble’s very own Zack Muñoz, will be soloing on the first movement of the Mozart Flute Concerto in G, with MYSO’s Chamber Orchestra tonight, Wednesday, October 18, at 7 pm, at Wisconsin Lutheran College, Center for Arts and Performance, Schwan Hall. If you are interested in attending and supporting Zack, we will be offering complimentary tickets for all Chamber Flute Ensemble students. Just go to the ticket table and let our ticketing staff member know that you are a member of the Chamber Flute Ensemble.

Break a leg, Zack!

Additionally, I have decided to push Wexford Carol to our next concert in February. I was a bit overeager in programming, and our performance would run over our allotted time if we performed it. Please keep it in your folder, and practice it while you can, as we will devote more time to it after the 11/5 concert. Please also pay special attention to our remaining pieces (Malaguena, Arirang, and the two ABBA tunes). Our goal for next week is to take the hard work you’ve done with learning technique and make music out of it! Make sure you’re hitting those fast tempos and are able to look up at me every couple of measures.

Let me know if you have any questions! I look forward to our rehearsal on Monday when our extra special guest will be joining us.



Sabrina Raber

Chamber Flute Ensemble Music Director

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