2019 Concerto Competition Results Announced

MYSO is pleased to announce the results of the 2019 Concerto Competitions which took place Saturday, January 12, 2019.

The winners of these competitions will perform as featured soloists with their ensembles at select concerts later this season. Please join us in congratulating the following musicians:

Senior Symphony

Winner: Carrie Wang, violin

Runner-Up: Holly Venkitaswaran, flute

Honorable Mention: Travis Cooke, trombone; Abigail Hanna, cello; Clara Montes, violin; Alex Mortensen, oboe; Lauren Simmons, cello; Grace Woo, violin

Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra

Winner: Zak Chen, violin

Runner-Up: Julianna Vogl, violin

Honorable Mention: Ingrid Buschkopf, violin; Benjamin Doerr, violin; Cynthia Yan, flute


Winner: Leonardo Viglietti, flute

Runner-Up: Clark Snavely, violin

Honorable Mention: Jack Bursinger, trombone; Evan McGuire, cello; Devon Pawlak, violin; Arisha Sobhani, violin; Brooke Wisniewski, horn


Winner: Vivian Cucu, viola

Runner-Up: Maryveth Ochoa, cello

Honorable Mention: Ruby Donner, violin; Nolan Framberg, violin; Andrea Hanna, violin; William Larsen, cello; Henry Snavely, violin

String Orchestra

Winner: Lucy Wu, cello (North)

Runner-Up: Johana Kim, violin (Central)

Honorable Mention: Alexander Chen, violin (North); Luke Field, cello (West); Isabelle Krynicka, violin (West); Catalino Placido, bass (North); Adela Ramirez, cello (Central); Rylee Stelpflug, cello (South); Isabelle Tadda, violin (West); Edwin Wu, violin (North); Melvin Wu, violin (North).

Chamber Flute Ensemble

Winner: Amy Katzman, flute

Runner-Up: Heaven Kim, flute

Flute Chorale

Winner: Rhea Karnick, flute

Runner-Up: Reva Hegde, flute

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