In-Person Audition Requirements 2023

If you are a string player in grades 5 or younger, or a current member of MYSO’s advanced progressions, Prelude Orchestra, or String Orchestra…

you will play an in-person audition during the period of April 14-16, 2023.

What to Prepare

  1. Scales: perform two scales of your choice. Present each in any format you wish, and play both as many octaves (up and down) as you are comfortable.
  2. Solo: present a prepared solo or etude, no more than 3-4 minutes in length, preferably with contrasting tempos and/or styles (no piano accompaniment). Two short contrasting movements are acceptable.
  3. Sightreading: your audition judge will give you a short piece of music to play–music you will be seeing for the first time.


  • You will sign up for your in-person audition with your preferred audition time through the registration form. 
  • An appointment will be assigned to you. You’ll be notified of your time by March 31, 2023.  
  • Auditions will take place at the Milwaukee Youth Arts Center, 325 W. Walnut St., Milwaukee.
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