Livia Romanov: A Series of Relatively Fortunate Events

As the groups in Houston patiently wait approximately 12 hours for their delayed plane to take off, the American Airlines group (which includes me) has already landed. Excitement was in the air as we walked from our uncomfortable seats to exponentially more uncomfortable lines. Going through customs and yet another security check was a thrill ride full of waiting… brisk walk… waiting… bathroom break… waiting…

We eventually walked out of the terminal and tasted the sweet fresh Argentinian air. We made it! After sitting in “plush” airplane seats for 8 hours, we transferred to our coach bus, comparatively so much better, but no one was complaining after standing around for 3 hours. On the bus we met our group’s two bilingual tour guides (a third will be introduced with the other delayed group) who gave us a lovely bus tour around Buenos Aires.

Stopping twice; once at La Plaza de las Naciones Unidas to visit the Floralis Genérica (a giant metal sculpture given to the city by architect Eduardo Catalano), and the other at La Plaza de Mayo to visit La Casa Rosada and the Metropolitan Cathedral. These pit stops were extremely important, not only as checkpoints leading to lunch, but also as architectural, political, and cultural appreciation. Regardless of your views on any of those topics you can admire the artistry of the sculpture, the history of the paint on the pink presidential office, and the effort put into the gorgeous church.

Lunch was definitely the highlight of the afternoon. The restaurant, Porteño, had a beautiful buffet with different varieties of foods such as sushi, pizza, pasta, and most importantly, the steak. The crown jewel of Argentina is the steak, and at Porteño they do not play around. Fresh meat cut straight from the source served hot and elegantly. The extensive dessert options would make anyone’s mouth water! From fruit skewers to flan, there was something for everyone.

The Houston group unfortunately didn’t join us for our wonderful dinner at La Bela. We had choices ranging from chicken to ravioli to assorted ice creams and pies. The food was delicious and the chicken was bigger than my face! Mr. Simmons was particularly enthralled with the Formula One theme and the Fangio aesthetic.

All in all, day two went wonderfully for group 3. Groups 1 and 2 will be joining us around 2am. We look forward to hearing you as you wake us up! Hasta la próxima, mis amigos.


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