Livia Romanov: Memories Bound by Music and Passion

Today was a day of countless lasts; last breakfast together, last step in Uruguay, last fiasco on the swaying ferry, last lunch together, last breath of Argentinian air, but all of these lasts will be cherished forever.

The morning was filled with last minute packing for those that partied a little bit too hard the night before in order to leave on time for the ferry. Each of the three buses left separately so we wouldn’t crowd the port, but we crowded it anyways, of course. The ferry ride was exponentially smoother this time, minimal panicked trips to the bathroom. After getting readjusted to the land and after taking our designer shoe covers off of our feet, we headed to lunch.

Lunch was at Gourmet PorteƱo, the restaurant the American Airlines group ate at on the first day when the United Airlines group was delayed. It was a genius choice to wrap up the tour where we started. The meat serving sizes were as big as our hearts as we waved farewell to our translators and tour guides. The air was sweet with love for the country and the people. We couldn’t have asked for a better crew to accompany us on this trip.

As the buses sporadically arrived to take us to the airport, the United and American Airlines waved goodbye to each other as we headed to different gates.

We now patiently wait in lines wrapping around corners and through construction zones to board our flight to Dallas and as the other group boards their flight to Houston. We on bus three hope the other two buses arrive safe and in one piece. Adios, South America!

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