9.29.22 Note

Dear Metropolitan Symphony Musicians,

Nice work this week! We could tell that you learned a lot during your special sectional session. Please continue your tremendous progress from our reading rehearsal by following up on the spots that you still don’t have under your fingers, or in your ear.

Listening to the YouTube links we have been sending you (with your part is even more helpful!) will clarify many of the rhythm and pitch issues.

And slower, careful individual work on those ‘hot spots’ is essential for Met to sound its best on October 30 at Play Your Part. This concert is coming up much sooner than you think….!

We noticed a lot of generous ‘pencil sharing’ at rehearsal this week. While it is heartwarming to see you help each other out, PLEASE get your own pencil in your folder before our next rehearsal. All members of the Met orchestra should have their own pencils. As professional musicians, we even keep a pencil sharpener in our cases, because what good is a broken pencil when the conductor expects changes or clarifications to be marked the first time an issue is addressed? Let’s please get this basic expectation all set for each and every musician in the orchestra. It’s that important!

Your individual warm up time from 6:20-6:30 pm is super valuable. Thank you for doing your very best to arrive at MYAC each Monday so that you can be seated in your chair with instrument unpacked by 6:20 pm. Then, please put these critical few minutes to best use. We know some of you may not be able to arrive on this timeline, but we know most of you can! Getting to rehearsal by 6:30 pm is a late arrival. We want to avoid this hectic and distracting situation.

Have a great week! We are excited to see and hear the growth heading into our third of six rehearsals on this repertoire.

Mr. John Emanuelson (JohnEmanuelson@myso.org)
Mr. Jon Winkle (winkle@uwm.edu)

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