10.03.23 Note

Dear Metropolitan Musician,

We trust you found your sectional session yesterday to be helpful and inspiring. We were excited about the team of professionals MYSO assembled to work with you, and it seemed to us that everyone was productive and engaged in the learning process. We are looking forward to hearing the growth in your performance skills at our next rehearsal!

Please remember that sectionals are a learning resource, not the complete solution. We know you went through the challenging spots and made significant progress with technical and musical issues, but it is very important that you follow up on this work individually. There is no substitute for individual practice!

Please prioritize MYSO music practice time, accordingly, this week, while the sectional experience is still fresh in your mind. Experiment with what your coaches suggested: this takes a little time and effort but is worth it.

It is still helpful to listen to recordings of our repertoire, too, as we move into the second half of our work together on this music.

There are only FOUR more Monday rehearsals before our Play Your Part performance on November 5.

Thank you for your dedication. Have a great week!

Mr. John Emanuelson (JohnEmanuelson@myso.org)

Mr. Jon Winkle (jawtbn@att.net)

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