10.10.23 Note

Dear Metropolitan Musician,

It was really evident to us–and we hope to you too–that our orchestra took a very nice step forward since our last full rehearsal together! We believe that your work with our clinicians during those special sessions–along with your individual practice at home–has made this difference. Thank you for your focus and commitment to our orchestra by preparing your part. The pieces are coming together!

We have just THREE more Monday rehearsals before Play Your Part!

Thank you for prioritizing MYSO so that you are here and ready to go at the start of each rehearsal by 6:20 pm, with pencils and instruments in place. We know there is road construction and traffic congestion, and also that many of you travel some distance to get to MYAC, but please do your best to arrive on time to get warmed up and settled in before we start our work together.

Speaking of Play Your Part, thank you for considering supporting this important fundraising event! The dollars contributed to MYSO during this annual campaign make a big difference in creating the types of experiences you receive as a member of the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra.

Looking ahead, be sure our Dress Rehearsal on Friday, November 3, 6:00-8:00 pm, is on your family calendar. This is not our usual rehearsal day of the week, and we start a little earlier, too. Play Your Part is on Sunday, November 5, with a 1:25 pm arrival time at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts in Brookfield.

Have a great week!

Mr. John Emanuelson (JohnEmanuelson@myso.org)

Mr. Jon Winkle (jawtbn@att.net)

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