10.18.23 Note

Dear Metropolitan Musician,

One of the special positives of having two directors in Met is our split rehearsal Monday! We hope that you found your session as a wind or percussion musician with Mr. Winkle, or the all-strings session with Mr. E, to be helpful and also time efficient. We love the flexibility when we divide our orchestra up in this way a few times a year; this feels like a healthy compromise between a sectional and a full rehearsal. We believe this helps to clarify and align important challenging spots without musicians having to wait for this work to occur during our precious time together.

We also love the position we are in right now from a qualitative perspective. Most of the notes are in your fingers and embouchures, but there is still time to improve. Much of your musicianship will start to really show in these final few weeks. But, that is the best part! Bringing music to life after you work up the technique is a special process, and that is definitely happening.

For those few passages that still cause you to struggle, it is not too late to dig in! We appreciate our work together at MYAC, and also at home or with your private teacher. And, of course, you can ask each of us!

Looking ahead, be sure you are good to go with the following special dates with transportation worked out, as needed:

  • Friday, November 3: Dress Reh, 6-8 pm (be in your seat by 5:50 pm), MYAC
  • Sunday, November 5: Play Your Part, 2:10-2:40 pm (be in assigned warm-up room by 1:25 pm), Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts

We have TWO more Mondays together! Let’s make these count!

Have a great week!

Mr. John Emanuelson (JohnEmanuelson@myso.org)

Mr. Jon Winkle (jawtbn@att.net)

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