11.07.23 Note

Dear Metropolitan Musician,


Congratulations on delivering a truly excellent and special performance at Play Your Part this past weekend! We are really proud of your work that led up to the concert, and then that ‘extra gear’ of focus you found to take our music-making to the next level. What a fantastic start to our MYSO season! We are excited to learn just how far we will grow, and what we can accomplish together in the months to come. For now, please enjoy the feeling of a high-level first performance of this fantastic orchestra; we are PROUD of you!

Play Your Part Donations: We Could Still Win!

MYSO is still crunching the donation tallies for the fundraising aspect of Play Your Part. As of yesterday, Senior Symphony overtook Met by about $2,000, and it is now their pizza party to lose: Met is currently in 2nd place.

But MYSO is still accepting donations through Friday, November 10. We are so gratified that nearly 40 percent of our Met families chose to make a contribution to MYSO during the campaign. Play Your Part is an important fundraising effort by the organization, and every dollar raised is directly invested in unique and meaningful learning opportunities for MYSO musicians. Our team of professional sectional clinicians, for instance, is funded by donations to MYSO through Play Your Part.

If your family has not yet made a contribution but would like to do so, please ask them to do so through your own Play Your Part page. If you need the link to your page, email emmakunz@myso.org. Each contribution makes a difference! (And Met will either be smelling Senior Symphony’s pizza or eating our own, depending on the final amount raised during these last few days!)

Next Concert

Looking ahead to our next batch of repertoire, we could not be more excited to launch our next program. Music will be issued at our first rehearsal on November 13, but if you are interested in getting a preview, here is what we will be performing:

These works will help you grow, challenge your skills, and are extremely fun and rewarding to learn and perform! We are in for a great season!

Again, great job listening and working together. The future is so bright for the 2023-24 Metropolitan Orchestra!

Mr. John Emanuelson (JohnEmanuelson@myso.org)

Mr. Jon Winkle (jawtbn@att.net)

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