11.2.22 Note: So Proud!

Dear Metropolitan Symphony Musicians,

We are so PROUD of your performance this past Sunday! Your focus, appearance, energy, and musicianship were all very evident to us on the podium, and to the large and enthusiastic audience enjoying the concert.

We know this first performance will serve as a fantastic foundation from which to grow over the remaining months of this season. “When well-prepared musicians come together, special things happen.” Your performance was special, indeed!

And so now, onwards. We are super excited about the next selection of repertoire we will share with you starting on Monday. It will be wonderful having a longer time frame to work together, although the music has some challenging passages, too. We will have plenty to do in the weeks to come!

If you are curious, here are some links to whet your appetite:

We won’t perform the Tchaikovsky until April, but it is a big project, so we will start our work together this winter for an amazing experience later this season! We will also have our Downey student composition and our concerto contest winner on that program, and perhaps one more work.

Thank you for your dedication and fine playing – this is going to be a fantastic season!

Mr. John Emanuelson (JohnEmanuelson@myso.org)
Mr. Jon Winkle (winkle@uwm.edu)

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