11/3 Note

Dear Metropolitan Symphony Musicians,

It was wonderful to kick off our second cycle of rehearsals with you Monday night! We know your good work during our first five rehearsals leading up to “Play Your Part” will be a strong foundation for our growth as an orchestra this season. We are looking forward to seeing and hearing what we can accomplish together over the next 12 rehearsals.

As always, your absolute first priority should be to know how this music ‘goes’ by listening and following along in your part to other performances of this great repertoire. Here are some YouTube links you might use, but feel free to seek out other professional performances, as well:

Tchaikovsky, Capriccio Italian

Shostakovich, Festive Overture

Amy Beach, Gaelic Symphony, mov. 4

If you were not able to attend our sight-reading rehearsal, it is critically important that you download your music from the Metropolitan Member Page of myso.org and spend the necessary time catching up with the orchestra by listening and following along. The music will be there by the end of this week. You missed some actual rehearsing on Monday night, and we want you to be prepared for the second rehearsal. You can pick up your ‘official’ MYSO sheet music from the MYSO librarian before rehearsal next week.

Finally, don’t be overwhelmed by some of the seemingly impenetrable technical passages! Learn what you can at home this week. Reach out to your private teacher for suggestions. We have a sectional scheduled on November 29. But, please dig into your music before our second rehearsal. Now that you have had a first reading of most of this rep, you can start to make choices about what you can learn quickly and what parts will require more detailed practice. Pick the ‘low hanging fruit’ this first week, so we can focus on musicianship right away together, even while we continue to work out the more challenging technical passages in the weeks to come.

Here is a pdf of the blue Met calendar we distributed in rehearsal Monday night. Be sure you are aware of all MYSO expectations this upcoming cycle and for the rest of the year. You become a contributing member of the orchestra by being present and prepared for rehearsals!

Let’s go!

Mr. John Emanuelson (jemanuelson@mtsd.k12.wi.us)

Mr. Jonathan Winkle (winkle@uwm.edu)

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