9/11 Note

Dear Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra Members,

It was great seeing and hearing everyone at our second rehearsal. We are now finished sight-reading until November 1, and it was clear that many of you have started preparing individually for our (quickly approaching) concert on October 24. Imagine how strong this orchestra will be when every musician contributes to their full potential. There is so much talent and positive energy in Met this year!

We very much appreciated seeing how many of you brought (and used) your pencils. Marking your music is the best way to remember what we learn together from one week to the next. Please be sure you have your pencil with you for all upcoming rehearsals, including our sectionals next week.

Now that the strings no longer have stand partners, individual responsibility for all aspects of your rehearsal contribution has increased. We thank you for being independent and organized. Try your best to arrive by 6:20 pm; the vast majority of the orchestra was able to do this, so thank you.

Looking ahead to sectionals next week, this will be a wonderful opportunity to work together with an expert to iron out some of the trouble spots in our challenging repertoire. Please come to sectionals with this positive mindset firmly in place. Our professional guest teachers are there to help you!

  • Suggest spots you would like help learning. You can help drive the agenda.
  • Listen on YouTube and follow along with our music at least one time this week. This helps tremendously and saves a lot of rehearsal time. Links are listed below (or find your own favorite recorded performances).
  • Be as prepared as possible, i.e., daily individual practice, listening to recordings, and asking your private teacher for help in lessons. Our sectional team knows we have only had two rehearsals. However, they also know how soon afterward you must perform this music–with only four more rehearsals!

Any effort you put into your MYSO music between now and then will help you get more out of the sectional! Please be a proactive learner this week!

Here are those YouTube links again:

We hope you have a great week!

Mr. John Emanuelson jemanuelson@mtsd.k12.wi.us

Mr. Jon Winkle winkle@uwm.edu

Music Directors

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