9/15 Note: Looking ahead to Monday…

Dear Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra Members,

Congratulations on a very successful first rehearsal! We have chosen four challenging, rewarding, and fun music selections to kick off the new season. From your seating auditions and efforts this week, we know this will be a VERY strong orchestra, and we are excited about the positive energy and engagement everyone demonstrated.

Looking ahead to next Monday’s rehearsal, we hope you will use our first rehearsal to guide your individual practice. We are now finished sightreading the music, and it is time to switch to a ‘preparation’ mindset for the five remaining rehearsals before our performance of this repertoire on October 24. You will not be able to learn this music to your fullest potential only during rehearsals!

While we do not expect that you will have everything under your fingers by next Monday, we are looking to see evidence of growth, not a second sight-reading session. Reflect back on how the rehearsal felt to you, and identify a few trouble-spots you struggled with, so that you can practice with focus and be able to perform at a higher level during the upcoming rehearsal. Listening to the music on YouTube will also help you.

Three final notes:

  1. Be sure you have a pencil handy for all rehearsals! This is essential orchestra equipment. We were surprised to see how many people were scrambling to find a pencil on Monday. Simply keep one in your case and another in your folder, so you are prepared to make notes in your parts. We will do a quick pencil check at rehearsal on Sept. 20, so be ready for this.
  2. Rehearsal begins at 6:30 pm, but please plan on arriving no later than 6:20 pm. A 10-minute warm-up and organizational buffer will make a HUGE difference in shifting your mindset to our important work together. Rushing in right at 6:30 pm is disruptive. Please demonstrate consideration and respect for your fellow musicians and music directors by arriving 10 minutes before rehearsal starts.If you have any challenges with this arrival time, please let both of us know directly, in advance.
  3. Did you share that goldenrod colored calendar sheet we distributed with your family and other adults in your life, as needed? Be sure you and your family understand our rehearsal and performance schedule and are looking ahead to resolve any potential conflicts.

We are looking forward to seeing you again in a few days!

Mr. John Emanuelson, jemanuelson@mtsd.k12wi.us

Mr. Jonathan Winkle, winkle@uwm.edu

Music Directors

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