9/30 Note

Dear Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra Members,

We hope you learned a great deal during Monday evening’s sectionals. We circulated through the various rooms and were very impressed by your focus and positive attitude in response to the excellent suggestions and practice strategies modeled by our guest clinicians. It looked to us like everyone was really dialed in and making the most of this special learning opportunity!

Looking ahead to our three remaining regular rehearsals before the final dress rehearsal on Wednesday, October 20, and concert on Sunday, October 24, please take a look at that goldenrod-colored calendar we distributed at the first rehearsal. This concert is not “sometime later this fall.” It is in only three rehearsals! There is very little time together before we share your work with your family and the community. It is critically important that you take what you learned this week and do the individual practice necessary, so that you are as prepared as possible for our remaining three rehearsals, starting this Monday.

  • Find those ‘trouble spots’ you still can’t play at tempo, and use your new understanding of how these passages should sound and feel to help you work through these sections.
  • Continue to listen to this music, so you truly know ‘how it goes’ when you see your part.
  • Remember and apply the specific suggestions to develop your overall technique that your clinician noticed. You can improve your overall playing if you make a conscious effort to apply these insights every time you use your instrument–in band or orchestra rehearsals at school, for example, or certainly when you practice alone. You might even have some silent activities you can do anytime you think of it (brass, that triple-tonguing “ta ta ka” or “doo doo goo” trick, for example.)

We are really looking forward to coming together for our final three rehearsals on this fantastic music.

We will be listening for visible and audible evidence of your growth since our second rehearsal. We expect that we will be impressed by your improvement the next time we are together!

Have a great and productive week!

Mr. John Emanuelson jemanuelson@mtsd.k12.wi.us

Mr. Jon Winkle winkle@uwm.edu

Music Directors

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