See you Monday!

Dear Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra Members,

We are very much looking forward to working with you starting Monday, September 13, from 6:30-9:00 pm, at the Milwaukee Youth Arts Center! For those of you who were in MYSO last year, it will feel wonderful to be back to our usual “footprint,” with each orchestra rehearsing and performing together as a single, large group. And, with public performances scheduled! For anyone new to MYSO, welcome to this amazing and inspiring ensemble.

While we all must abide by COVID-19 safety mitigation protocols, e.g., face masks, we hope you are excited to come together safely to bring our music to life as a part of this outstanding orchestra.

A word about auditions and seating. We were both VERY impressed with the skill level and preparation you each demonstrated at our seating auditions. Of course, your audition provided just a snapshot of your overall musicianship. In the vast majority of cases, your audition was the first opportunity we had to hear and see you play in person. The wonderful part of being in an orchestra is that we all get to share the same music making experience, regardless of seat and part assignments. Violins who demonstrated advanced upper position skills in their solo and orchestra excerpts tended to be placed in the first violin section, although it is also very important to have balanced sections with technically strong players in the seconds, as well. We tried to place the most confidently and accurately prepared musicians towards the front of our sections and selected particularly accomplished auditioners for leadership roles. We value ALL of you and have great confidence that you will be a strong contributor to the success of Met, no matter where you are seated.

Please know that we honor your efforts and believe in your musicianship. You are an important part of the 2021-2022 Metropolitan Orchestra, and our sections are filled with strong players from the first to the last chair.

We are excited about our music for this first short cycle of rehearsals leading up to the “Play Your Part” (formerly “Playathon”) Concert on October 24. You will be challenged to learn this music on this tight time frame. We hope you have had the opportunity to listen to our selections in advance of our first rehearsal on Monday. Just in case, here are some quick YouTube links to get this music into your ears:

Again, congratulations on your many years of persistent effort invested in honing your skills to the advanced level that you demonstrated to us. Now, let’s get to work starting on Monday to make some incredible music together!


Mr. John Emanuelson and Mr. Jonathan Winkle, Music Directors

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