Noor Salameh: Prelude

Photo: Noor Salameh

With French horns and trombones in hand, MYSO arrived at the Milwaukee Youth Arts Center at 9:30 AM this morning to prepare for their journey abroad. We had a smooth ride to O’Hare International in Chicago where we got to our gate and boarded our plane to Dublin! With a swift layover in Dublin, it was a fun trek and trolley to our connecting flight to Brussels.

Over the course of our journey the past 24 hours, there have already been so many memorable moments! From keeping warm and practicing in the O’Hare International terminal to climbing up an airway staircase on our flight to Brussels. Everybody is so excited to see the beautiful cities and concert halls, and we are all enjoying each other’s company so much!

We’ve just arrived in Brussels and have boarded our buses to drive to Bruges. After a long day of travel, we’re ready to begin seeing all of the beautiful landscapes and landmarks these countries have to offer. Sending love home!


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