Owne Xayboury

Owne Xayboury, violistOwne Xayboury is a junior at Rufus King International High School. He studies with violist Jackie Baker at the Falls Baptist Music School. Initially having started on violin, Owne switched to viola as his primary instrument. He is a dedicated violist, receiving multiple scholarships, such as the Janet Fleming Ruggeri Scholarship, and learning opportunities with renowned string musicians.

Although it’s his first year, Owne is an active member of MYSO. He currently serves as the principal violist of the Metropolitan Symphony and Chamber Orchestra, and assistant principal of the Senior Symphony. He also interns for MYSO’s Progressions Program.

In college, he intends to pursue viola performance, and would ultimately like to play for a professional symphony orchestra while holding a teaching position.

Owne expresses immense gratitude to his supportive family and the experiences he’s been blessed with. He dedicates this performance to them.

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