CONGRATS PHILHARMONIA! (plus this week’s rehearsal information)

Hello, Philharmonia Musicians and Families!

Congratulations on an outstanding performance last Sunday at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center!

I couldn’t be more pleased with the way we brought this fantastic music to life!  Style, articulation, phrasing, tone, balance, blend, tempo, pitch… What a great way to end a long day of performances, with your wonderful display of musicianship – BRAVO!!

Again, special thanks to those who volunteered to cover additional parts on behalf of the orchestra. Those contributions added so much to our performance!

Looking ahead to our next performance on Saturday, February 10…I think you’re going to love our winter cycle performance repertoire! I’ve selected a little more music for our next concert than we performed in the fall since we have a few more rehearsals to put it together. As always, consistent rehearsal attendance will be crucial to our success.

Please take a listen to all of the performance links below as soon as you get a chance. Pay special attention to the YouTube timings on the Grieg and the Sibelius pieces. We’ll perform these movements exactly in this order. You’ll receive new music at this week’s rehearsal (Thursday November 9, 6:30 – 9:00 pm)

See you soon!!

Mr. Duffy

Philharmonia Music Director

Philharmonia Winter Cycle Repertoire

*Mvt. III at 8:58 – 12:10

*Mvt. II at 6:28 – 8:50

*Mvt. III at 12:18 – 16:43

*I plan to treat these pieces as one, three movement work.  I’ll ask the audience to hold their applause until after we play all three movements.

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