Queila Griffin: Mucho gusto y hasta luego! – Nice to meet you and see you later!

On our final day of traveling and ultimately coming home, the magnitude of all we had done and accomplished hit us. (Also, extreme fatigue and a little culture shock were hitting us as well). By the end of this amazing trip as a group we were unfazed by bathroom doors that don’t close all the way, long lines, spotty WiFi, and everything running a little bit late all the time. We tested the limits of our patience and endurance, both emotionally and musically. We also got to do incredible things and learn as musicians and people about South American culture. This, needless to say, the trip home was bittersweet as we reflected on all we had experienced.

Overall, as cheesy as it sounds, I was overwhelmed by the love I experienced in Argentina. In the neighborhoods and markets, the pride and love of Argentina poured through. At the football stadium, the incessant songs and chants from fans of love for their team literally shook the floor. At church, they recited prayers in love to God. The tango was a passionate display of love of one another. The museums and art galleries spoke in remembrance of beloved figures of the past. Finally, the most personal, we were able to experience their love of music at our concerts, through the cheering and tears. We were able to do amazing things and experience South America in a unique and awesome way. While this blog has mostly recounted the cool things we were able to do every day, one of the best parts of the trip was the people.

The closest thing I can compare MYSO to in words is a family. Ultimately, it was the lovely personalities and huge hearts that made this trip amazing. From the unbelievably dedicated MYSO staff, to the amazing tour guides, and of course all the orchestra members, there really was no way this trip wasn’t going to be extraordinary.

I have been humbled and honored to get to be a part of this epic adventure. I still can’t believe I am blessed to be a part of MYSO, and a little in shock that this trip happened. (In a good way that makes me extremely grateful). Unending thanks to everyone who made the tour possible and so much fun. It has truly been unforgettable.

¡Muchísimas gracias!


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