Siddharth Nadkarni

 Siddharth NadkarniSiddharth Nadkarni is a senior at Arrowhead High School. He began his musical career at age five with piano lessons, playing the cello at age eight, and music composition lessons at age ten. He was a member of MYSO for seven years.

Siddharth’s love for music has taken him on different paths of exploration in the world of music and composes music in multiple genres–electronic, classical, jazz, and minimalism. His passion for music has motivated him to pursue an education and career in music technology. He will be attending Johns Hopkins University as a Music for New Media major at the Peabody Conservatory of Music.

Siddharth was recently accepted as a Spring 2021 Accelerator Intern for Roblox, where he worked as a music composer, sound designer, and audio systems programmer for 12 weeks.

Siddharth would like to thank Dr. Ellenwood at UW-Whitewater for his immense help and guidance throughout this journey. He would also like to thank the Chamber Flute Ensemble for making Apotheosis Awaits a reality. Lastly, he would like to thank MYSO and Mr. Don Sipe for giving him the grand opportunity to compose for this ensemble.

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