3/2 Note

Dear Sinfonia Musicians and families,

As we head into the final concert cycle of the season, I wanted to let you know of some changes in Sinfonia which will begin this week on Thursday, March 3.

  • A reduced orchestra will be performing with our concerto soloist. These musicians have already been selected and communicated with. This group’s rehearsal will begin at 4:15 pm every Thursday. A smaller group of musicians is often used when a soloist performs with an orchestra in order to achieve a good balance between the soloist and the accompaniment. Musicians who are not participating in this smaller group will begin rehearsal at 4:40 pm each week. Please arrive at MYAC at 4:30 pm so we are ready to start the full group rehearsal on time.
  • We will be joined by members of the Wind Ensemble beginning later this month. With the addition of these musicians, we will start to refer to Sinfonia as the Sinfonia Philharmonic. It’s the same ensemble, but will include our Wind Ensemble friends on woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. This will give our orchestra members one of their first opportunities to perform full symphony orchestra repertoire, which is very exciting!
  • Finally, as you learned in rehearsal last week, MYSO’s Artistic Director and Music Director of the Senior Symphony and Chamber Orchestra, Carter Simmons, will be conducting some of our selections for this concert. Your continued focus and attendance for all rehearsals is greatly appreciated as we work with Mr. Simmons on our new repertoire.


Mrs. Roznowski
Music Director

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