9/15 Note from Ms. Roz

Hello, Sinfonia Musicians,

Thank you for another wonderful rehearsal last night. Your enthusiasm and willingness to work hard are admirable! Remember, the expectation is that you are practicing on your own multiple times each week. Please focus your practice on the following this week:

  1. Water Music, movement III: ALL; quarter note=96
  2. October: m.10-19, quarter note=72; m.72-89 quarter note=76
  3. Perseus: m.1-29, dotted quarter note=66 (goal=80); m.128-149, dotted quarter note=120 (goal 160)

Using a metronome when you practice will ensure your success as we move forward.

Have a wonderful week!

Ms. Roz

Lauren Roznowski
Sinfonia Music Director

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