9/8 Note from Ms. Roz

Hello, Sinfonia musicians!

Thank you for a wonderful first rehearsal yesterday. You came in with open minds and were ready to tackle challenges and open yourselves up to learning. I’m thrilled with our group this year!

For next week, please practice the following:

  1. Handel’s Water Music–read through this so you are ready to tackle it together next week
  2. October: m19-40, 90-97
  3. Perseus: m29-59. For now, work toward a goal of dotted quarter note=50 (it will go faster)
  4. Jazz Waltz–like Water Music, run through on your own

We will work on more than this next week, but practicing these spots will help our rehearsal be as efficient as possible.

Thank you, again!

Ms. Roz

Lauren Roznowski
Sinfonia Music Director

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