Reminder: Listen to Your Recordings

Dear String Orchestra South & West Musicians,

Congratulations on your side-by-side rehearsal with MYSO’s Senior Symphony last month! They were just as excited to play our music as we were to have them sit in with us. We heard very positive feedback from MYSO staff and all the students involved!

Many of you have been listening to our music, and we know it is helping to prepare you for February’s concert. If you have not done this yet, click the links to listen.

Jericho Journey – Michels

Agincourt – Trinkl

Jupiter – Trinkl

Beauty & Fire – Michels

We asked you to pay close attention to key signatures and dynamics on this new music as you’re practicing. Now we would like you to focus on keeping a steady tempo throughout each piece. Here are the metronome markings.

  • Jericho Journey – continue to work on dynamics and observing all rests and bow articulations.
  • Jupiter – tempo markings from the arranger are quarter-note equals 80-100. Practice anywhere from 60-92, and focus on your bow control, so long notes have enough bow.
  • Agincourt – tempo marking from the composer is quarter-note equals 130, which is where we were at our side-by-side rehearsal. Begin with a tempo of quarter-note equals 100, and slowly move it up, being sure you’re very careful at each transition.
  • Beauty & Fire – after working with Miss Sabrina, we will be at quarter equals 100 in the 3/4 section and dotted-quarter equals 100 in the 6/8 section. The 6/8 section needs the most work from everyone, but it is coming along quite well.

Next Monday, 12/13, we will all be at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center in a combined rehearsal (6:30-8:00 pm–note that we’ve added an additional 15 minutes to this rehearsal) due to a concert at Greendale where South usually rehearses. This is our annual Ugly Holiday Sweater Party. Feel free to wear festive attire (or an ugly holiday sweater), and at the end of rehearsal, we will have a little treat for you to enjoy at home.

Mrs. Trinkl (South)

Mrs. Michels (West)

Music Directors

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