Connie Kling

Connie Kling

Position: Human Resources Director
Categories: Administration

Connie Kling currently serves as MYSO’s HR Director in partnership with Lauber Business Partners.

She is a trusted Human Resources senior leader with over 15 years of broad-based HR experience, as well as several years of operational experience. Prior to working with the MYSO family, Connie worked in the financial services and health insurance industries. In 2019, she retired from Northwestern Mutual.

Connie is passionate about helping organizations make sure they have the right people in the right roles, at the right time, and at the right cost to effectively deliver business results. She attributes much of her success to the fact that she isn’t a traditional HR professional. Her success is based on the guiding principle to first understand the business strategy and goals; and then use this information to work with leaders to develop and implement a people strategy that will help ensure they have the talent needed to be successful.

Connie is thrilled to help MYSO realize its vision to nurture, challenge, and inspire young people through music.

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