Joe Phillips

Position: Chief Philanthropy Officer
Categories: Administration

Chief Philanthropy Officer Joe Phillips is a dedicated professional with a specialization in philanthropy and community development. Joe is responsible for overseeing all of MYSO’s fundraising efforts, ensuring they align with the organization’s mission and vision.

Joe has garnered recognition throughout his career for his thoughtful approach to philanthropic advising and his unwavering commitment to aligning donors’ goals with organizational needs. His congenial nature and insightful perspectives have been pivotal in enhancing his team’s approach to fundraising. Joe is deeply passionate about creating an inclusive and empowering environment, with a focus on the professional growth and development of his colleagues. He values the synergy of mutual respect and shared aspirations, aiming to make a meaningful impact in the philanthropic sector. He has developed numerous training programs, integrating elements of philanthropy, philosophy, data science, and theology.

Serving as an Alderman in Wauwatosa, Joe is dedicated to championing community development and the transformative power of collective action to cultivate vibrant and resilient communities. Joe is motivated to nurture environments where people love to live and work, believing in the importance of creating spaces that foster community, well-being, and a sense of belonging.

Joe holds a Masters in Theology from Trinity International University and a BA in Sociology from the University of Minnesota. He is married with children. When not immersed in his professional and civic duties, Joe indulges in his interests, which include playing the bass, enjoying baseball, reading, and cooking.

In every aspect of his life, Joe strives to embody Mother Teresa’s idea of doing small things with great love, believing in the profound impact of compassionate actions.

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