MYSO Fundraising

Creating opportunities with your support

Helping Our Students

MYSO cannot rely on member fees alone to support its outstanding students and programs. On average, the annual fees that MYSO collects from its students covers only one third of the actual costs of programming. So, the funds we raise benefit everyone, not only those receive financial aid.

We welcome whatever amount you can generously donate to help us nurture, challenge, and inspire young minds through music.

We develop passion, character, and collaborative spirit in our students, which prepares them well for today’s service-oriented and innovative economy. We are open to all who wish to explore their musical talents, regardless of their ability to pay.

Pathways to Success

Pathways is our big fundraising gala event of the year, usually held in late spring. It was launched as a regular event in 2016 based on the tremendous goodwill and nationwide recognition generated after MYSO was named a 2015 MYSO recipient of the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award, the country’s highest honor for after school youth arts and humanities programs.

All proceeds from the event supports our financial aid programs for young musicians. These resources provide critical support for students underserved by music education.

play your part

MYSO’s PLAY YOUR PART combines a student-led fundraising effort with an all-day, free concert featuring 25 of our MYSO ensembles. The performances are to thank the community for their support.

Membership fees cover only one third of our actual costs. Funds raised by this campaign are critical to keeping those fees affordable for everyone.

Each of MYSO’s 1,000 members is asked to participate by raising at least $150 for MYSO.

Please support our mission to nurture, challenge, and inspire young minds through music! Join us for the FREE Play Your Part Concert on Sunday, October 24, at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center.

Get involved

Each student is required to audition to become a member of MYSO. Being a MYSO member is a rewarding experience that drives a student’s musical, learning, and social skills.
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