Video Auditions

Create an audition video which MYSO will use to make an appropriate placement. (Scroll down for video submission form.)

What to Prepare

Please record the following:

  1. Scales: perform two scales of your choice. Present each in any format you wish, and play both as many octaves (up and down) as you are comfortable.
  2. Solo: present a prepared solo or etude, no more than 3-4 minutes in length, preferably with contrasting tempos and/or styles (no piano accompaniment). Two short contrasting movements are acceptable.
  3. An excerpt: choose and perform a 30-45 second excerpt (part) from your ensemble’s current music/repertoire.

When recording your chosen excerpt, you must use a metronome, and set it so that the beat is clearly heard in the video. Select a tempo that you can comfortably play that is close to the printed tempo.

If possible, your excerpt should feature one tempo. Selections with brief moments of rubato (or similar) markings are fine as long as the original tempo resumes after a few measures. If a true change in tempo is marked between sections of your excerpt, please take a moment to reset your metronome before continuing.

Free metronome and tuning apps are available for smart phones and other mobile devices through your App Store. Physical metronomes and tunes can be purchased from your local music store or online. These are extremely important and helpful tools to help any musician grow and progress in their musical studies.

Jazz Musicians: click here for audition requirements.

Making Your Video

You can record your video with a smartphone. If it’s reasonably clear, we will be able to use the material. If there are issues, we’ll get in touch with you.

You can make your video wherever you’d like, but consider playing in a larger space that sounds good to you. Please dress appropriately as you would for something important like…an audition!

Your video does not need to be made in one take—we just ask that the separate parts of your audition (Scales, Solo, and Excerpt) not be edited and be played straight through. Since you will be creating your own video, you may record and re-record until you are satisfied. Please create one video file that includes the scale, solo, and excerpt material.

  1. If you do not have one, create a YouTube account using the YouTube app (you’ll need a Google account first) or visit the site. Directions on how to create an account.
  2. Have someone help record your audition. Make sure you are clearly visible and the stand is not in front of you. The video must clearly show the musician’s face, hands, and instrument. Instructions on how to upload your video on various devices.
  3. At the start of your video, please state ALL and ONLY the following:
    • “Hello, my name is __________.”
    • “I play in MYSO’s _______ (current ensemble)” or “I am new to MYSO.”
    • “I will be playing the ______ and the _______scales”
    • “The piece(s) I am performing is/are… (state the names of the piece(s) and composer(s)).”
    • “The excerpt I will play is from ______________ written by ____________.”
  1. Once you’ve recorded yourself, label/name the video like this: MYSO Audition 24-25 InstrumentLast name, First name.
  1. You will also have to change the video’s privacy settings from “Public” to “Unlisted,” which is done in the field below where you renamed it. You will want to have your privacy settings of your video set as “Unlisted,” not “Private” or “Public.” In this way, MYSO will be able to share the link with the professional judges reviewing players of your instrument. Only our audition team with this “Unlisted” link will be able to access your audition. Help on changing your video’s privacy settings.

Submit your video via the form below.

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