Rehearsal Notes

Greetings, Wind Ensemble Members!

We have been enjoying wonderful rehearsals over the last few weeks. Bravo to you all for doing such outstanding work. Thursday’s rehearsal was extremely productive, and, as a result, great music was made! To continue our progress, please make sure to rest and recharge over our winter break, and practice your MYSO music daily. Individual technique work with a metronome outside rehearsal will help us be the best we can be. Please take your music to your private teacher, and work on the repertoire with them. Your private teachers are some of the best musicians in the Milwaukee area and are great resources.

I have a few notes for you after last night. Keep working on tempi for the de Haan and Elliott pieces and flow with artistry for the Barnes. Trumpets, make sure you have the appropriate mutes for any muted sections of our pieces. Though we did not rehearse the march last evening, we will start with it for our rehearsal next Wednesday and spend a large chunk of time on it! I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a private lesson teacher to help you grow musically, so if you do not yet have a private teacher, now is the time to connect with one. If you need assistance with finding a private teacher, please contact the MYSO office or email me directly:

Please bring your music notation, folder, instrument, and supplies to each rehearsal. In your folder, you should include multiple pencils so that you can annotate your parts during our rehearsals and in individual practice. When you arrive at rehearsal and warm up a bit, make sure to tune your own instrument on your tuner before we begin. Section leaders, before rehearsal begins, please go through your sections, check each section member’s tuning, and help them adjust appropriately.

Last, listen to the recordings below to ensure you are prepared for both your part and what is happening around you in other sections:

Percussionists, thank you for taking ownership of your section and arriving early to set up; you are doing terrific work!

Take care, practice hard, and have a wonderful week! Remember, our rehearsal next week will be on Wednesday, December 15, in our usual room at 7:00 pm.

Please send my best wishes to your families, private teachers, and school directors this holiday season. May 2022 be filled with joy, music, and good health for you all.


Mr. Hacker, Music Director

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