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9.29.22 Note

Dear Metropolitan Symphony Musicians, Nice work this week! We could tell that you learned a lot during your special sectional session. Please continue your tremendous progress from our reading rehearsal by following up on the spots that you still don’t have under your fingers, or in your ear. Listening to the YouTube links we have been sending you (with

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9.22.22 Note

Dear Metropolitan Symphony Musicians, We hope you had a productive and helpful session on Monday with your professional sectional clinician. From what we heard through the doors, it sounded like you were working hard digging into the many performance details of our challenging repertoire. We received positive comments from the clinicians about your engagement, effort, and

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9.14.22 Note

Dear Metropolitan Symphony Musicians, It was wonderful to work with you last night! We were most impressed with your focus, responsiveness, and performance skills in our very first rehearsal of the season. After hearing your auditions, we knew this was going to be a very strong orchestra. And, your work together last night more than

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9.8.22 Note

Dear Metropolitan Symphony Musicians, We are so glad to work with you this year in MYSO Met! We were very impressed by the overall preparation and skills demonstrated to us in the seating auditions last week. Your work to get ready for this ‘first (or returning!) impression’ performance is a great sign of the talent

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